New Artist Statement

In my current practice I am beginning to explore the more personnel and auto-biographical side of my work. I am also aware that my work has at this present time a very real and universal concept. By introducing other elements I hope evolve deeper and richer qualities in my work.
I wish to make my work appear assessable to the viewer so they are free to make their own interpretations from it.
By giving myself the task of creating and developing techniques as a maker, I am pushing the boundaries of my skill and wish the materials I work with to become the metaphor for the work. The materials themselves tell a story they inhabit the work and have historical meaning, it is the transformation of the materials into something else which excites me.
The idea of a bomb interests me that gasp, the moment just before the full impact when the pieces are left hanging. I do not want to replicate the blast I want to capture the intimacy and immediacy of that moment in time. I am also introducing another medium into my work that of archival film footage.

A supporting statement

In my research I want to investigate links between violence and the fragmentation of the body in art. I focus on the relationship of the materials used in the creation of mine and other artist’s works. I want to reveal the vulnerability of the materials I use and expose the fragility.
My goal is to focus on research that will support new understandings into the relationship between culture and how western society, historically and today view such art. I hope to further the contemporary research I have already undertaken while studying my M.A in Fine Art at The University of Derby.
The research I hope to continue in an effort to develop my art practice conceptually includes studying historical and archival research into various theorists and scholars.
My work and research will be ethically challenging and perhaps a difficult project to undertake, however by reflecting an historical and cultural approach and various modes of representation I know through this exploration it will be fascinating and worthwhile. I will be crossing boundaries and creating something new.
I am motivated to create work which will explore different modes of installation, such as combining archival video footage of fragmentation and violence and use this material to create installation art. I look forward to exchanging ideas and research with other artists and believe this project will only strengthen my practice.